Healthy and glowing skin is better than the best makeup. Now, that’s probably the most sacrosanct of all skincare facts. If you’re like us and want to shun a chemical-intense skincare regimen, you also probably know that there’s no natural quick fix that solves all your skin woes. But here’s what we want you to know for a fact - it’s possible to improve your skin and protect it from signs of ageing the organic way. All it needs is some tender loving care, done right. Not sure how? We are about to spill the beans, so read on.  

Healthy-looking skin doesn’t come naturally once we hit adolescence. But the good news is that you can aspire to clear and flawless skin with a good skincare routine. And, when we say ‘good’, we mean ‘Natural’. We swear by our time-tested products that keeping it natural is the safe and sustainable way to have healthy and glowing skin. Build a natural skincare routine that you follow religiously and the results will surprise you! 

To get started, you need to learn about your skin type and how to address the specific needs of your skin. You can always do your own research, but we highly recommend consulting a dermatologist to get an expert opinion. 

Natural Skincare: What is it? How to do it? 

When you start building your natural skincare routine, it is always a good idea to start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed. 

Here’s a mantra to live by: your kitchen is your go-to place for finding the raw materials for natural skincare.  

For instance, you want to start with exfoliation as a first step. Make your own scrub by mixing freshly ground coffee powder, brown sugar, and coconut oil. Apply it evenly on your face and gently massage for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off. You can thank us later for the instantly soft, supple, glowing skin! 

Note: Exfoliation is meant to scrub off dead skin cells and open up your pores to deeply cleanse them. It’s best to exfoliate your skin no more than 2-3 times a week. 

Here’s what you should be looking out for in natural skincare:

When you are looking for natural ways to combat your skin problems and you want to avoid the harsh chemicals in your everyday life, you should check if it’s paraben-free, if it’s vegan and cruelty-free, and see if you can find how they processed it before making a purchase.

Please note: All of our products meet this standard, and that’s why Medimix is a highly recommended one by dermatologists across the country.

Know Your Skin Type

Here’s why you need to know your skin type. The products your friends or neighbors use might work for them, but they may not necessarily work for you. This is because each one of us has a different skin type. Skin types can vary from dry to oily,  combination, acne-prone, sensitive, and normal skin. 

Once you identify your skin type, you can choose a mix of natural products that nourish it. 

If you’re looking for a natural way to de-tan your skin, you can try our Medimix Anti-Tan Face Wash with Tanaka and Aloe vera. 

Tanaka helps remove tan and protects your skin from the sun, and Aloe Vera restores moisture and keeps your skin soft while slowing down the ageing. 

If you’re looking for a way to fight acne with organic products, you can try our Medimix Anti Pimple Face Wash which has all the goodness of natural ingredients like Neem, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Manjishtha, Lodhra, Amaya. The face wash is packed with minerals and vitamins that combat acne without making it dry, leaving it soothed and moisturized. 

Click here to learn more about our range of products that will suit your skin type.

Morning Skin-Care Routine:

Let’s get down to the basics. The only shortcut to healthy and radiant skin is to and follow your twice-a-day skincare routine to the last detail. Always. 

Once in the morning and once in the evening/night, follow a five-step process that includes cleaning, toning and moisturizing (CTM). 

Step one: Cleanse your skin. 

Step two: Exfoliate. (use our Medimix Everyday Scrub which can deep cleanse your skin in a naturally rich way, and as an exception to the rule, you can use it every day)

Step three: Tone. Rosewater makes for a great natural toner and suits all skin types. It works wonders for women above 30. 

Step four: Moisturize. There’s nothing like fresh Aloe Vera from your garden when it comes to moisturizing. Make sure you scrape off the skin completely before extracting the gel.

Step five: Apply sunscreen. Never skip applying sunscreen, even if you’re indoors all day. (Does Medimix have sunscreen? If so, we could recommend that here). 

Night Skincare Routine:

Step one: Cleanse your skin.

It’s very important that you wash your face with a mild face wash before going to bed to unclog your pores and clean away all the dirt and dust that accumulated over the day. This also helps prevent acne breakouts. 

Step 2: Tone

Step three: Moisturize.

You do not need sunscreen at night. But you can always replace your moisturizer with a herbal night cream. A retinol-based cream can help repair damages and have you wake up to visibly plump and happy skin. 

Weekly Skincare Routine:

A skincare routine is never complete without a face mask. Give your skin a facemask treatment once every week to help rejuvenate your skin.

Our Anti-Pimple Face Mask uses a traditional formula that clears skin and brings forth the natural radiance - Multani Mitti, Neem and Cinnamon. The fast-acting magic of the ayurvedic ingredients deeply cleanses your skin, fights acne, and removes any toxin build-up.

A good skincare routine takes time and effort. But its worth the effort as you will discover. So take your time and indulge yourself.

Note: Always check the ingredients of products before buying to make sure you know what’s in them; read about the benefits of the natural ingredients so you can make a fully-informed decision.