The natural ingredients in Medimix have medicinal properties and an endless list of benefits attributed to each one, are used in the making of skin care and hair care products. Medimix has been clinically prescribed for many skin ailments in the past and continues to stay rooted in its traditional manufacturing methods.

Medimix soaps are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and have been dermatologically tested. They protect your skin from environmental factors like dust, pollution, and UV rays. They have anti-aging properties that protect your skin’s elasticity and flexibility to help your skin retain its youthful vitality.

These products have natural ingredients such as Glycerin and Lakshadi oil which are mild and gentle and suitable for all skin types. Medimix body wash with the goodness of Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and on top of it, this ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties. It’s especially good for people who are prone to acne and pimples.

Enjoy the Benefits of Herbal Soaps for Your Face

Medimix face wash with ayurvedic ingredients can protect your skin from sun damage; like the ingredient Tanaka, acts as a tan remover and adds a natural layer of sun protection on your skin.

They have a separate line of face wash products for oily skin that is also prone to acne. The richness of honey has anti-microbial properties and other natural ingredients in Medimix Oily Clear Face wash, removes excess oil and promotes healthy glowing skin.

Using a herbal face scrub can do wonders for your skin as well, and Medimix’s everyday scrub has the goodness of Neem, Multani clay, and Sandalwood and it is suitable for all skin types: Dry, Normal, and Oily. It restores and energizes skin to give it a natural and healthy glow. 

Medimix also has a Face pack, packed with powerful natural ingredients like Neem, Multani Mitti and Cinnamon, which deeply cleanses your pores. 

Herbal Formulas Designed for Your Body

Medimix’s range of products also include Body wash with ingredients like Vetiver, Neem and Aloe vera; Eladi oil and Sandalwood; Turmeric and Argan oil, and Kumkummadi oil with Glycerin. 

Vetiver, Argan Oil and Glycerin moisturizes the skin, Eladi oil and sandalwood prevents aging, whereas Kumkummadi oil keeps your skin clear and gives you a radiant look.

All these ingredients are made to protect your skin from damage caused by environmental factors; from hormone imbalances that cause acne and pimples, and psoriasis; and from biological factors such as aging. Medimix products use only organic ingredients, and natural extracts, to ensure your daily hygiene routine makes you feel refreshed, cleansed; and it revitalizes your skin and boosts your mood.

Hair Care Products for the Healthiest Hair

Medimix Shampoo and conditioners are made by blending 5 types of essential oils and it is infused with special herbs that are somewhere between 8 to 16 different kinds, to protect your hair from damage. 

These oils and herbs keep your hair from breakage, get rid of dandruff, revitalize it by making it shiny and smooth. 

Some of these herb infused hair oils even improves your blood circulation and nourishes your scalp.

Coconut and Argan Oil used in Medimix Hair Shampoo, nourishes hair with antioxidants, strengthens hair follicles, and increases its volume to give it a thick and voluminous texture. 

They also have a special line of anti-dandruff shampoo that has natural ingredients like tea tree oil to reduce dandruff, lemon seed essence to cleanse hair follicles, neem oil to prevent dandruff and thyme oil to prevent scaliness, and babchi to enhance hair luster, Aloe Vera to moisturize hair locks.

It comes with a matching set of anti-dandruff conditioner and when you use a combination of these two, you can promote the health of your hair from scalp to root to tip.

Medimix’s line of conditioners each have a unique purpose and each caters to specific hair care needs. It has a colour-protection conditioner which has ingredients like avocado, green tea and other ayurvedic ingredients to ensure that it retains the colour of your hair, moisturizes it and keeps it nourished. 

Medmix’s volumizing and bouncing conditioner has natural extracts like carrot-seed oil and vegetable keratin that adds volume and bounce to your hair. The extracts are retained to promote hair growth, so with every wash it leaves your hair thicker and stronger. 

For Silky, smooth hair, Medimix has a conditioner that is made from Hibiscus  extracts and Jojoba oil that shines and strengthens the hair, and restores and improves scalp health. 

Maximum Germ Protection with Medimix’s Hand Washes

With increasing demand for germ protection, Medimix made a line of hand-wash products that protected your hands from bad bacteria and viruses, and also from dryness caused by harsh chemicals. Medimix Neem Hand-wash made with Neem, Tulsi and Aloe Vera makes your hand feel cleansed and moisturized.

Medimix natural intimate hygiene wash has been created with ancient secrets and formulas. It has so many natural components like Orange oil, Neem and Rosemary. It has Aloe Vera, Vetiver, Thyme, Sage, Lime and many more. It is 100% natural and made to soothe any skin irritation, infection and or dryness. Like all other Medimix products, this too is free of chemicals and paraben and is ideal for women.

Each and every product Medimix has lined up meets a specific need for people with different skin types, hair types, and each resolves different issues like acne, dryness, skin irritation, dandruff and dullness of hair, all looking to nourish it with natural but also clinically proven ingredients. You can find solutions to all your problems in one place, with one brand: Medimix.