Medimix Herbal Handwash Pouch - 200ml

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Medimix Herbal Handwash Pouch contains the alluring essence of 18 herbs with antibacterial properties. The unique formulation now comes to you in convenient pouches that can be used to easily refill your Medimix Handwash bottles. The refill pouches are a great way to save money each time you want to benefit from the goodness of Medimix Herbal Handwash. It fights germs and protects you and your family by keeping your hands sanitised. The classic Medimix fragrance lingers on your hands long after each wash. Medimix Herbal Handwash leaves your hands soft, and supple and is suitable for all skin types.


Protects hands from germs but keeps them soft and supple

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Please Note: Medimix Products are Currently Available Only in South India.

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